Post Office Goes "Masskot"

As part of the Post Office’s drive to modernise its operations and provide a more complete and customer friendly service, the replacement of its “old fashioned” and obsolete scale system, became a necessity. 4500 New high-tech scales will be installed at 2300 Post Offices, country wide.


First tender for this program was called for as far back as 2007.

After many years of evaluation and specification changes, to comply with their software integration, Masskot Scale was selected as the preferred bidder, culminating in the purchase of the new scales.In the end analysis, Masskot was the only supplier who could fully comply with the required software interfacing, through the development by Masskot’s OPOS based interface.


The scales are high precision, triple range, special Post Office weigh stations to be used for the weighing from light small letters in gram accuracy, to parcels weighing as much as 35kg.

The contract is estimated to be worth some R50 million, which is the largest scale supply contract ever awarded in South Africa and the continent of Africa.


Germiston based Masskot Scale and its branches and distribution network all over South Africa, is well positioned to take care of the initial distribution as well as the 5 year maintenance agreement incorporated in the contract.


Because of the high local content of this contract, Masskot will create some 12 additional permanent jobs, which will increase its total labour force to some 100 employees.Masskot Scale has a level three “BBBEE” rating and is committed to maintaining this favourable rating for years to come. With this additional work, Masskot is well positioned to become the largest scale supplier and manufacturer in Southern Africa.


Its recently established Mozambique operation is part of Masskot’s successful expansion into Southern Africa, with regular exports to countries like, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mali and many others firmly in place.Although specialising in the manufacture of weighbridges and industrial scales, the Post Office order emphasises the diversity of Masskot’s operations in being able to supply scales from laboratory balances to the heaviest weighbridges used by the industrial industries and mines.


Some of the logistics make interesting reading.

Power cable:                                    22km

Interface cable:                               60km

Scales placed in a row:                   3km

Total weight of the scales:            45 tonne

Km to travel for installations:       1, 5 million

Man-hours to execute order:       5, 4 million

New jobs created:                           12