Electronic Dynamometer


  • Rugged Construction
  • Accuracy: 0.05% of capacity
  • All functions and units are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD display
  • Can weigh in the following units: kg, tonnes, pounds, Newton and kilo-newton
  • Infrared Remote control with these functions : ZERO, TARE, CLEAR, PEAK, ACCUMULATE, HOLD, Unit Change, Voltage Check and Power OFF.
  • 4 local mechanical keys: ON/OFF, ZERO, PEAK and Unit Change
  • Low Battery Warning

    Max CapacityDimentions A
    1T x 10kg335mm
    2T x 20kg335mm
    3T x 20kg365mm
    5T x 40kg405mm
    10T x 100kg535mm
    20T x 200kg660mm
    30T x 200kg740mm
    50T x 400kg930mm
    100T x 1000kg1230mm
    200T x 2000kg1380mm


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