Our clients have rated us to be South Africa's best online scale loadcells & weighing portal. By travelling West and East we constantly track and analyse new products that are brought to market.

Masskot Scale has our own internal R&D division run by "E" Engineering. This division is responsible for specialised solutions and new product development.

Scale Indicators and Displays

Masskot's brilliant range of intellegent indicators to suit your best needs.


We have a large variety of loadcells to suit any application.

Price computing or retail scales used to determine the price of fresh produce .

Butcher Scales

Scales for use in butcheries to weigh animal carcasses.

Digital Balances

Helping You Keep A Better "Balance"

Money Counting Scales

Money counting scales used in banks and stores.

Built to weigh our future generation.

Airport Scales

Masskot's very own proudly South African airport scales.

Platform Scales

Our platform scales are manufactured to suit our clients specifications and needs.

Counting Scales

Masskot Counting and Dual Counting Range of Scales

Warehouse and Material Handeling Scales

Warehouse and Material Handeling Scales


Click below to view more information of our Weighbridges.

Crane & Hanging Scales

Crane & Hanging Scales

Table Top Scales

View our wide range of locally manufactured and imported table top scales.

Agricultural Scales & Weighing Systems

Our proudly South African collection of Agricultural Weighing Systems.

Postal Scales

Post Office Scales

Wheel Weighers & Axle Pads

Our Custom Range of Axle and Wheel Weighers.

Dot Matrix Printers, Tally Roll Printers

Our very own Dot Matrix and Tally Roll Printers.


Mass Pieces, Tesweights and Special Calibration Weights.

Wireless Comunication for Weighbridges and Batching Systems.

Electronic Dynamometers