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Andriod Intelligent Controler System


  • Display Resolution 30 000 Divisions
  • A/D Resolution 600 000 Counts
  • A/D converter update 60 times / second
  • Display type & size LCD, Backlit, 22mm
  • L/C. Excitation DC 5V, drives 4 x 350ohm cells
  • HI-GO-LO Programmable with alarm
  • Comms port Rs232 programmable *
  • Print Mode Auto or Manual Time and Date
  • Cons. Nr. Mass/Total Mass
  • Standard Features Hold, Peak Hold, Animal Hold, Kg, lb, oz, g selective
  • Printer Output: * Can be customized to include: Company Name & details, Product Details etc..


Wireless Android System, for remote access to any weighing system.


Andriod Intelligent Controler System MBN083