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MI601ES LED Stainless Steel Indicator


  • Model; MI601ES – LED Indicator
  • Stainless steel housing
  • High precision A/D conversion, Readability is 1/30000;
  • Zero position tracking range and zero setting (boot/manual) range can be set respectively;
  • Digital filtering speed,amplitude and the stable time can be set;
  • Weighing counting function;
  • Backlight models is optional;
  • Rechargeable;with under under voltage alarm and protection;
  • With 4V/4 Ah maintenance – free rechargeable battery. 6V/4Ah optional;
  • With RS232 connection
  • A/D conversion mode: Σ-Δconversion mode
  • A/D conversion rate: 10t/S
  • Maximum A/D conversion: 24bit
  • Input signal range:-10mV-15mV
  • Input sensitivity: ≥1μV/e
  • Load cell excitation power: DC3.3V.


Mi601ES Stainless Steel LED Indicator.

For use on Platform Scales


MI601ES MBN066