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RC 3 Compression Loadcell


  • The patented RC3 Loadcell is the heart of the Masskot “BridgeKing” Weighbridges. True ROCK AND ROLL low friction action is achieved through convex upper and lower loading surfaces. Together with flat, hardened receiver units, it offers reliable and efficient load introduction. Deck movement is free rolling, restricted by special rubber bumpers.
  • Loadcell material is 17-4PH stainless, canister and entry 316, electro polished to enhance the corrosion resistance.
  • The RC3 loadcell is hermetically sealed to IP68, with specific care taken around the cable entry (glass to metal seal). Capillary action is elimated with special sealants around the cable strands.
  • The cable may be replaced at the loadcell without effecting the scale integrity, eliminating cable joints.
  • 5.000 division approval has been obtained, meaning 10kg accuracy to 50tonne and 20kg up to 100tonne.
  • RC3 loadcells are specially compensated and matched, requiring no adjustment after exchange or replacement.
  • Anti-rotating hardware is in place to eliminate cable damage.
  • Loadcell digitising is external, placing the sensitive AD converter and other delicate electronics in the best serviceable



RC 3 Loadcell


Ideal for Hoppers, Small Tanks, Large silos, Weighbridges and any other installation that needs compressive force.


RC 3